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Swords and Historical Handcrafts, with Bill Grandy

April 23, 2021

Episode 45

Bill Grandy is a long time professional historical martial arts instructor at the Virginia Academy of Fencing (VAF) in the United States, and also a historical handcrafter making beautiful scabbards and shields and things. Check out his website at

In this episode we talk about lots of different aspects of being a sword person, including teaching professionally and as an amateur; getting to play with antique swords and the work of the Oakeshott Institute; and owning Michael Chidester’s wonderful facsimiles of medieval manuscripts. We also talk about getting books written and published (or not), and how a sport fencing background influences your teaching of historical martial arts. There’s even more too - this episode really does cover a lot!

Useful links:

Bill’s websites: for his leather and woodwork, and for the full details and pictures of the Schiavona and Dussack we talk about in the episode:

Bill’s Styrian Dussack

For more on the Oakeshott Institute and antique swords, here’s my conversation with Craig Johnson:

For more about Wiktenauer and Michael Chidester, my conversation with Michael is here: and Michael’s Patreon:

The Virginia Academy of Fencing:

And finally, for woodworkers, this is the YouTube channel by Rex Krueger we talk about: Rex Krueger: Making Woodwork Fun. Here’s a photo of my dovetail joint, as promised:

For more information about the host Guy Windsor and his work, as well as transcriptions of all the episodes, check out his website at

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