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Fran Terminiello on swords, women-focussed events, and more.

Fran Terminiello on swords, women-focussed events, and more.

July 3, 2020
Francesca Terminiello is lead instructor at The School of the Sword’s Godalming chapter, having studied Bolognese swordplay and rapier since 2010. She has a further interest and some experience in renaissance dagger-fighting, Bartitsu and longsword. Fran has instructed at several high-profile events in Britain, Europe and the US; and has placed in and won a number of international tournaments.
As a writer, Fran has demonstrated, panelled and presented on historical fencing and real-world violence at various lectures and writers’ conventions, including Fantasycon and at the Wallace Collection.
She was a main organiser of the International Rapier Seminar 2016; co-founded Waterloo Sparring Group in 2012, which facilitates inter-group sparring from clubs all over the south of England and beyond; is a founder of the Wessex League series of events; is a key organiser of the Albion Cup; runs the Spring Sword Workshops and Swords of Winter events; organises By The Sword – an annual women’s event running since 2017; and was a founding member of Esfinges, a worldwide organisation for women in HEMA.
Jess Finley on medieval shoulders, trees, and swords

Jess Finley on medieval shoulders, trees, and swords

June 26, 2020

Jess Finley has had a sword in her had for the past twenty years. Her initial interest was in stage combat, but not too long after beginning that pursuit began to ask "... but how did they really fight" and from that question branched out to German Medieval Martial Arts. She is the head instructor at Ritterkunst Turhalle in Lawrence, Kansas.

She has taught and competed internationally at events like the Western Martial Arts Workshop in Chicago, USA; Paddy Crean International Workshop in Banff, Canada; Swordfish in Gothenburg, Sweden; and Longpoint in Baltimore, USA and has taught intensives at various events and schools, as well as weekend private intensives at her home.

Jess is a published author, having written Medieval Wrestling on the fifteenth century Master Ott's wrestling treatise of German wrestling techniques. She also researches medieval clothing construction and fabric armor, and has presented her findings at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo and published an article in Medieval Clothing and Textiles on her study of a 15th century quilted armor.

Jess currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her family. In between “kid-wrangling” her children and remodeling her house, she writes books and does her assigned physical therapy exercises.

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In this episode she talks to Guy about swords, wrestling, horses, medieval tree illustrations, medieval combat gear, and other things.