The Sword Guy Podcast

Art and Fencing, with Nora Cannaday

January 1, 2021

Episode 28

Nora is an artist and a fencer from sunny Southern California. She works primarily in watercolours and in illumination, though we cover a lot in this episode, including calligraphy, translations, making a living from your art and whether simply putting in the hours of practise is enough to get good. You can see an example of her work here with the logo she produced for the Spada Press:

In this episode we talk about how exacting and unforgiving some art forms can be, and the differences between different media in painting. Nora talks about the artist Lori Lamont who works exclusively in watercolour, and you can see her work here.

When we talk about fencing in the SCA scene in Southern California, we mention Nora’s painted fencing masks. Here are some examples:

This is the link to the Our Fake History podcast, which Nora mentions when talking about her thoughts on the Book of the Five Rings:  

Here is the fanciest fuckoff piece that Nora produced using all the gold (listen at around 1hr 9min in). Credit for the calligraphy goes to Master Thomas Brownwell. Nora did all the gilding and painting:

Nora’s website is and you can find her on the usual social media too.

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