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Fencing in Russia, with Elena Muzurina

January 15, 2021

Episode 30

Elena Muzurina is a military sabre instructor, longsword champion and owner of a HEMA equipment company. Elena is a Russian champion – one of her proudest moments was winning at Swordfish – but HEMA is relatively new to Russia. In this episode we talk about what it is like learning Italian rapier and longsword in a country where there are very few sources translated into the language. We talk about the problems with fencing equipment, and what she would do with a million dollars to improve HEMA in Russia.

When listening to this episode you might not have caught some of the names Elena mentions, so here they are in case you are interested:

  • Andrey Muzurin – Elena's longsword trainer and husband
  • Vadim Senichev – translator of Fiore in Russian
  • Kristine Konsmo and Carl Ryberg – HEMA in Sweden, fencers and Swordfish orgs
  • Leonid Křížek – Czech Republic HEMA, trainer at Ars Dimicatoria school, instructor and researcher of Barbasetti military sabre method, writer
  • Sergei Kultaev – Russian HEMA, longsword champion and trainer at FreiFechter Gilde, Saint Petersburg

Here is the Facebook page for Fox Tail Equipment: And this is the online store:

You can find Elena on social media:


Instagram: @silent_battle_song

YouTube: Silent Battle Song


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