The Sword Guy Podcast

Fire Eating and Fencing, with David Ito

December 11, 2020

Episode 25

David Ito is a sport épée fencer, Kendoka, longsword practitioner, and a fire eater. He also does 100 burpees first thing every morning.

In this episode David tells us how he got into both fencing and fire eating, takes us through his somewhat intensive training regime, and shares good advice for anyone looking to get into teaching fencing as a career.

In the podcast you will hear David talk about a footwork training machine, and if you are interested to see it in action, head over to ‎to see the video.

We also talk about the effect of the covid pandemic and what we might expect a post-covid world to look like for martial artists.

To find out more about David and his work, you can find him on Instagram @ittofireshow, or at He also works at and has taught at, both of which are in Toronto, Canada.

For more information about the host Guy Windsor and his work check out his website at
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